Astonish Specialist Carpet & Upholstery Lotus Flower 750ml


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Our Carpet & Upholstery spray provides a deep cleaning action to loosen and lift away tough stains whilst neutralising unpleasant odours.

Our powerful stain remover loosens and lifts away dirt, whilst remaining gentle on fabrics.

Ideal to use on those accidental spills and hard-to-launder items, such as: carpets, curtains and chairs.

The deep cleaning action also works to neutralise unpleasant odours and is suitable to use on wool and synthetics fabrics.

Woolsafe organisation accredited.

Fully recyclable bottle, cruelty free, vegan & biodegradable.

The Astonish Specialist range has been developed for specialist cleaning tasks and surfaces. The range contains our best performing products yet, look for the added benefits in the roundel on pack.

How To Use

Gently dab, brush or vacuum excess soil from fabric. Spray stain and gently dab with a sponge or cloth. Pat dry with a clean cloth or sponge. Vacuum when completely dry.

Safety Information

CAUTION: Check for colour fastness on a small inconspicuous area before use. Do not rub as this can damage fabric pile. Do not use on suede or leather upholstery.

Additional information

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